Beantown Vapor Still Remains a Top Choice

For any vaping enthusiast, hearing Beantown Vapor should be music to their ears! Beantown (Boston) Vapor is a small boutique that is located in South Boston and run by vaping enthusiasts just like you. Opening their doors 6 years ago, their juices are a mixture of 67/33 vp/pg. The reasoning behind this is so everyone could enjoy their vaping experience with whatever device they have.

Beantown Vapor and Its Amazing Flavor Profile

Beantown Vapor has built its brand upon offering amazing flavors that or pure, natural and accurate with a delicate balance between its boldness and flavor. Always trying to concoct new flavor profiles so their customers can enjoy every experience they have using Beantown Vapor has kept them in business to date. Many people may be sitting there wondering why flavor is so important in a vaporizer but one of the main reasons is so people do not switch back over to smoking real cigarettes. While there is much speculation and controversy on whether or not vaping and electronic cigarettes are healthy – they are definitely better than real tobacco cigarettes laced with thousands of harmful chemicals.

Making the Switch

Switching over from regular cigarettes to vaporizers may take some adjustments but people want to enjoy their experience as well. With all the flavors that are available now, there is something for everyone’s taste – it may just take a little bit to find that perfect match. Beantown Vapor seems to be one of the tops choices that people like to go with, perhaps it’s because they have all been testing and tried out, fixed up and released for the public to enjoy.

The Choice is Yours

Choosing what type of e-juice, you would like to use should not be a difficult experience, rather than an enjoyable one that you look forward to doing. There are numerous online retailers that offer different flavors, accessories, starter kits, atomizers, cartridges and more! If for some reason you are lost or completely new to the vaping world – conduct a quick search on the Internet for Beantown Vapor, and read through the first five sites that come up. You will be amazed at all of the different things that are being offered and more importantly, you can check out the customer reviews! See who like what flavors or which they felt were the ‘right’ ones to choose. Vaping is a whole new world and completely different experience in regards to the traditional ‘smoke break.’

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