Plan the Ultimate Cruise Wedding

Every bride and groom wants to have a wedding that no one will forget. One of the best ways to plan a Caribbean wedding is to take a cruise to arrive at your wedding destination. You can easily book cruise weddings that are located in Jamaica, Belize, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Barbados, St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Antigua, Puerto Rico and Aruba. Caribbean cruise weddings are absolutely beautiful and affordable when you work with a wedding coordinator that is familiar with the process.

Choose a Cruise Line

Once you have contacted a wedding planner then you need to consider the cruise line you want to use to reach your wedding destination. There are several cruise lines such as Carnival cruise, AIDIA cruise, Royal Caribbean cruise, Norwegian cruise, Princess cruise, Celebrity cruise, and private charters that can accommodate you, your wedding party, and guests. Your actual wedding will happen at the Caribbean location you choose when you get to port. Of course the timing is all planned out ahead of time with your wedding coordinator. You just need to plan your wedding ceremony in conjunction with the amount of time the cruise ship is going to be in port. The beauty of using a wedding coordinator for your cruise wedding plans assures you that your wedding will be legal, as well.

Enjoy the Tropics as Your Wedding Wonderland

Many couples dream of a wedding on the beach, barefoot and standing together to proclaim their love with their vows of matrimony. The tropics are the perfect place to enjoy a laidback wedding that gives you and your guests the option of dressing in comfort wearing beach attire that is light and fashionable. You can still have a formal wedding at a local church or landmark if you so desire, and wear a full wedding gown and tuxedo. You have a wide variety of wedding options when you choose to have your ceremony in the tropics.

The Port Wedding Schedule

When you arrive at port your professional wedding planner will collect you at the gangway. Then you are whisked away to a Marriage License office if need be, to obtain a marriage license. Once this is accomplished you get to go back to the ship. In a few hours you will be taken to the wedding site so you can make sure that the décor is everything you planned. While the happy couple and wedding party get ready for the wedding, your guests will be picked up from the port and brought to the ceremony site. The ceremony will begin shortly after guests arrive and are seated. All of this is planned and scheduled per cruise ship schedules and times that are booked with the appropriate venues. Having a professional wedding planner to assist you every step of the way is priceless.

Dreamy Weddings has been assisting couples in creating the most beautiful Caribbean cruise weddings. Contact them to learn more about their professional wedding planning services for your Caribbean wedding.

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