What to Know about Punjabi Wedding Invitations

Are you planning a traditional Punjabi style wedding and seeking authentic Punjabi wedding invitations? As you might already know, such events are usually swankier and fancier than many other types of weddings, and so the invitations have to be a good match. Most think of Punjabi wedding invitations as something that sets the bar and alerts guests to the type of event they can anticipate, even serving as a keepsake afterward.
That means you need to give a lot of thought to the following design elements of any Punjabi wedding invitations:

  • Materials – From tassels to ribbons, gold embossing, and even hand-applied gems, you want to know that the materials used are of the utmost in quality. For example, how fine is the paper, does it take the embossing, gold foil, printing and other elements well? Will there be perfectly matched inserts? What about envelopes? You must consider what the quality of the materials say and whether or not they reflect the message you wish to convey about the event planned.
  • Design – Most know that Punjabi wedding invitations can be as elaborately designed as the events they represent. The key to choosing the right printer and card maker is to be sure they can accommodate such design options as perfectly square cards, inserts, and envelopes; or cards that have elaborate laser cutting or which close in the middle to form elegant designs. Will there be any problems with hand-applied décor? There really should be no limits when planning your Punjabi wedding, and that includes the look and overall design of the invitations and any add-ons.
  • Options for elaborate décor – In both points above, we mentioned hand-applied elements, and it cannot be emphasized enough that getting the right cards means finding a designer or printer that has no problem with elaborate decorative elements. As mentioned, tassels or hand-tied foil ribbons should never be a problem. The use of gems or laser cut initials in the finest print, beautiful symbols or graphical images on the cards…none of these should prevent a problem, and especially if you request things like multiple colors, gold foils, and embossing.

At Regal Cards, couples can find a surprising number of designs for Indian, Hindu and Punjabi cards and invitations. From very simple to over-the-top elegant, the cards will let you give your guests a hint of what they can expect on your big day.

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