Packaging Printing: The Benefits of Going Digital

Package printing is a growing market segment estimated to expand by as much as 6.26% by 2020. Globally, companies in this sector continue to experience change as technology evolves to alter the way the printing of packages occurs. In the industry, computerization has had a remarkable effect on how package printing and production companies do things. One of the growing computerized means of accomplishing such things as labeling, printing and generally distinguishing packages and cartons and boxes is through digital services.

Areas for Digital Printing

Digital printing in the paper or cardboard box and paperboard carton industry include such areas as:

* Label printing
* Flexible packaging printing
* Folding carton printing

Using various print engine technologies companies can remove the need for the wait to receive files or film for printing, the printing out of proofs and other steps. This reduction in required labor and steps supplies one of the reasons why digital printing is becoming popular.

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital packaging printing is no longer a fringe operation. In recent years, it has come increasingly to the fore of package printing solutions. The reasons for its appeal are varied and appeal to carton companies who offer both large and small runs. In short, digital printing is

* Precise
* Fairly affordable
* Versatile

Digital printing offers printing companies the ability to produce work in shorter turnaround times at lower costs for even the smallest of runs. The method is a fast efficient and easy method of transferring data such as mailing lists, labels, designs and other information onto diverse materials, including cardboard and paperboard as well as plastic.

Digital printing services make customization easy making it easy for every company to have their own unique and personalized label, design or similar design elements. At the same time, it is amazingly simple and swift for a printing company to alter the design and print in accordance with any changes sought by their client. With the system still in its infancy, it will be interesting to see how such design and printing methods will evolve over the coming years.

Digital Packaging Printing

While there are several options for printing on packages, companies are increasingly looking at the potential advantages of digital printing. It is truly revolutionizing the world of packaging. Its ability to offer clients customized and personalized printing services on a variety of materials give them a clear and distinct edge. Digital packaging printing with its efficient, effective, eye-catching and affordable solutions is one way a product company can create a meaningful impact on potential purchasers of its product.

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