Overview of Getting Dental Implants in Lincolnwood, IL

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Dentistry

A dental implant is nothing more than a synthetic tooth that was created to replace a tooth that has been detached from your mouth. Dental implants are also commonly referred to as fake teeth. One of the most prevalent benefits to having dental implants installed in your mouth is that they are natural looking. In fact, most people will be unable to tell that you have fake teeth in your mouth. Dental Implants in Lincolnwood, IL are also tremendously popular because they are permanent as opposed to dentures which can be removed from your mouth.

Dental Implants in Lincolnwood, IL can make it easier for you to speak and chew. They also prevent an individual from losing the support of their jaw bone which is something that happens naturally overtime when you lose a lot of teeth. Naturally, there is a colossal debate between whether dental implants are something that a person really needs. This is because there are just as many people who seek out a Cosmetic Dentist because they are interested in getting dental implants in order to improve the their physical appearance.


Believe it or not, why you are getting dental implants can play a huge deciding factor in whether or not your dental insurance is going to help cover the cost. If you are someone who wants to get dental implants to improve your appearance, dental insurance companies do not necessarily see this as a need which means they may or may not be willing to cover the cost. However, if you are having dental implants installed to improve your ability to speak and/or eat, there is room to argue with your insurance company that it is for the purpose of improving your health. When you are having them installed for health improvement reasons, insurance companies are more likely to help cover the cost.

The most imperative thing to remember about having implants installed is that just because they are fake teeth does not mean you can treat them as such. They need to be treated just like every other tooth in your mouth. You need to brush them, floss them, and continue to use mouthwash. If you do not properly care for your dental implants bacteria can grow underneath them which can cause bone loss as well as gum disease.

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