Options To Consider With Contract Sewing Services

by | Nov 22, 2017 | custom products

For many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), outsourcing some of the manufacturing of any product may be a very cost-effective decision. By partnering with the right contract sewing services, OEMs can produce custom cases, bags, harnesses and equipment carriers that are uniquely designed and carefully crafted.

By using a contracted service, the OEM doesn’t need to buy equipment, hire staff or to manage production. The contract sewing service will ensure all equipment is state-of-the-art and all items produced are to the specifications and standards required by the OEM.

When choosing contract sewing services, there are several important factors to consider. By evaluating each of these aspects of the company, the OEM can find the ideal match for quality, processes and the ability to work to the order volume.

National or International

In the past, many OEMs turned to international companies, many in China, to complete custom sewing contracts. Today, there are many nationally-based companies that provide quality services and highly competitive pricing, some which may have a global reach to decrease costs.

An additional benefit to using a national company with international partners is the decreased costs of shipping and logistics. With the American company handling the logistics, even overseas production is streamlined and orders are available to the OEMs timeline.

Quality Control

When the quality of the final product is important, using an ISO 9001company is essential. Not all contract sewing services are ISO registered. While a voluntary option, doing through this quality control development process ensures customers that all orders will be completed to the customer’s satisfaction and the specified standards.

By helping to save time, cost and to assist in choosing the ideal materials and sewing options for the project, the contract service becomes an important partner in the project. Experience, expertise, quality assurance and the latest in technology and equipment are crucial options for any OEM to consider.

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