Advantages Of Epoxy Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete floors are a common option in many industrial buildings. You will find these floors in warehouses, industrial plants, production facilities and even in garages and fabrication areas.

Unfortunately, concrete, when left in the natural state, is not a durable flooring option. It can be very easily chipped, stained and damaged unless there is a qualify industrial floor coating applied.

There is a range of different options in industrial concrete floor coatings. Some are strictly applied by the professional flooring companies, while others are designed for application by professionals or as a do-it-yourself option.

When choosing the ideal floor coatings for concrete flooring, consider the following issues and factors.

Floor Protection and Stain Resistance

Not all industrial concrete floor coatings offer full protection for the floor. Look for products that are designed to minimize the impact of drops or impacts on the surface. Additionally, protection from staining from liquids may also be an important factor for garages and production or manufacturing facilities.

Address Surface Irregularities

It is very common for surfaces of concrete floors to have a small to large surface irregularities. With small issues, typically those that are very minor, a general epoxy will cover up scratches that are minimal in depth.

With more significant cracks, chips and holes in the concrete, there may be products that can work as both fillers a well as industrial concrete floor coatings. This is an optimal solution, limiting the time it will take to complete the flooring application.

High Strength

In residential and light commercial applications, the need for resistance to high impact issues or extreme exposure to chemicals and abrasives may be minimal. In applications where this is a concern, choosing the most durable floor coating will always be an essential consideration.

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