On Being Honest with Yourself Prior to a Divorce

One of the most common talking points about marriage in divorce is how the institution is slowly decaying and falling apart. Many wonder, what are the good old times of a stable nuclear family? To tell you the truth, they are still here. State by state, the divorce rates have been falling steadily between 1990 and 2012, especially here in Illinois: Steadily falling from 3.8 per thousand persons in 1990, to 2.4 per thousand in 2012.

Is the Institution of a Divorce Law Firm Dead Then?
Sadly, it is not. Divorce remains one of the potentially most traumatic experiences that Americans can undergo and a competent legal specialist remains one of the most important assets you can have. Of course, even the best lawyer will not help you if you are not honest with yourself about the state of your marriage.

Why a Sober Assessment is the Best Assessment
It is scary to look at the possibility of a divorce, there’s no denying it. But what’s even scarier is being hit with divorce papers out of the left field, without preparation. If something is rotten in the state of Denmark, to quote a classic, pretending that it doesn’t exist will disadvantage you in the long term and make the experience that much harder. Forced cohabitation breeds resentment, creates grudges, and is generally slow-acting poison. This directly leads to escalation during divorce proceedings, especially where children and custody rights are involved.

Should You Seek Out a Divorce Lawyer?
Ideally, you first seek professional help for your marriage – and if it is truly unmanageable, start preparing for a divorce. It’s important to involve your divorce law firm in from the very beginning – and to be completely and totally honest with them. Prepare your documents and ensure that they are as complete as possible, be upfront about potential issues, and above all, don’t hide facts you consider shameful or irrelevant. In the worst case scenario, especially if you delayed contacting a legal professional, your spouse might decide to use these against you.

In Summary
If your representative was not aware of these facts, containing the damage will be hard, if not impossible. Honesty, contrary to what may be said, is usually the best option in law – and in life.

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