Nicole Lee Handbags, Fashion for Kids and Adults

The love of handbags starts early for most girls. In some cases, parents start buying their daughters small purses as early as three and four years of age. Nicole Lee Handbags are perfect for both children and adults. Kid friendly designs with characters and bright colors are loved by little girls and appreciated by their parents. The bags are made well, and a perfect size for the little ones. The beautifully crafted Nicole lee handbags also come in designs made for teens and adults. There is no doubt Nicole lee handbags are for everyone.

Kids and Teen Designs

The kids and the teen’s designs come in bright, funky, and sporty. There are designer overnight bags, backpacks, tote bags, and lip shaped messenger bags. Regardless of a young girl’s style or desired fashion statement, Nicole lee has a bag design that is perfect for her. The bags also provide plenty of function. The large bags can be used for overnight sleepovers with friends or Grandma. The smaller backpacks and denim messenger bags are the perfect size for laptops and even books for class. Teens will love the beaded and jeweled lip shaped bags, offering a pop of color and pizzazz to her outfit.

Adult Designs

One of the great features of the kid friendly handbags is they can also be used by adults. Many women like the funky, rocker, emo style, which includes many anime type designs. These designer bags are also made to offer style to women who like a more casual or classy look. There are plenty of designs that more casual. Offering women a beach look, solid neutral colors, and minimal color bleeding. For the classier look, there are beautiful faux reptile skin bags. The sexiness of faux alligator can be used during the day and while out at night.

Price and Function

Nicole lee handbags are affordably priced, providing even those with a tighter budget the ability to afford a beautifully well-made bag. The functional efficiency in the Nicole lee handbags is a great attribute of these designs. The overnight bag and backpacks are stylish enough to function as luggage, while still being made well enough to carry heavy books. Each design has plenty of space and pockets, allowing women to carry all they might need inside each day.

Women, young and old, will appreciate the tasteful modern take on handbag fashion. Infecting the style of classier women with a pop of funk, and adding a bit of class to the punk rocker look. Moms and daughters alike will be able to pull this look off.

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