Myths about the Dental Implant in Temecula

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Dentists

If you have ever considered getting dental implants, the information you have found may have left you wondering if it is really the right choice for you. There are plenty of myths circulating around that can make getting a dental implant in Temecula a frightening prospect. However, once you are able to identify the myths versus the reality of the situation, you will be able to make the right decision for your life.

A Painful Process

One of the biggest myths surrounding the use of dental implants is it is a long, painful process. This is because the implants are imbedded directly into the jawbone. Therefore, it requires incisions in the gums. While there can be some pain involved with the placement of the implants, it is actually a quick process that doesn’t produce a lot of long-term pain. You will be able to use the implant just like your other teeth in a short period of time.

Not Enough Bone

While it is important to have proper bone density and enough bone to place the implant, not having enough may not disqualify you from the use of a dental implant in Temecula. If necessary, a bone graft or other procedure can give you enough bone or bone density to properly support the implant. However, if you don’t have the proper bone structure, it can often be best to choose another replacement method.

A Short-Term Solution

Another common rumor surrounding dental implants is they are a short-term solution that won’t last long. Dental implants are actually one of the longest term solutions you can find for tooth replacement. The root will imbed into the jawbone, just like your natural teeth do, and a cap will be placed over the root to replace your missing tooth. This tooth, while it can be replaced if needed, will last for a long time and will act just like your other teeth.

If you have allowed the myths surrounding the dental implant in Temecula to stop you from considering it as an option, you may need to reconsider. While not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants, your dentist will be able to evaluate your situation and help you come to the right decision for you. This procedure is not a long, painful process, nor is it a short-term solution. Even if you don’t think you have the right bone structure, your dentist is the only one who can determine if you have other options. Therefore, it is best to ignore the rumors and talk to your dentist.

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dental implant Temecula

dental implant Temecula

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