Moving Retail Management Software To Small Business

A small business owner often assumes that what works for large retailers is cost prohibitive and ineffective for a small retailer. In fact, many retailers assume that manual inventory and order receiving and processing is still the best option, even if they are using PoS (Point of Sale) software to track sales.

In reality, retail management software that allows tracking of orders, inventory and staff can actually be a cost saving benefit to even a smaller retailer. The efficiency and cost savings will provide the business owner with changes to move into different markets, to capitalize on sales and marketing trends and programs and to avoid the costs of oversupply in particular inventory categories.

Correct Data Every Time

With the use of quality, customized retail management software, it is possible for a small retailer to have the complete and up to the minute picture of inventory, staffing and sales across one retail outlet or at any number of locations.

Unlike manual inventory counting and order receiving and processing, there is never a gap in the data, allow the business owner to take advantage of options to add to inventory without running the risk of choosing a product that isn’t selling.

In addition, manually counted and received inventory is often incorrect. There can be counting errors, staff distraction with customers and even staff that doesn’t actually count but just provides a “guess” as to the numbers.

Price Setting and Sales

When the retail management software syncs with sales, both through the retail outlet as well as online, it is easy to manage inventory, but it can also be a very simple way to check sales of particular items or categories of products as well as to set prices.

Through the dashboard of the software, those with the appropriate login authority can simply set a price which will then be used on all PoS devices across the system. This allows the manager to move items out based on inventory levels as well as to monitor and manage sales in real-time.

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