Move Beyond The Average With New Countertops In Maple Grove, MN

While it would be nice to have an unlimited budget on a new home installation or a home renovation, that is not typically the reality for most homeowners. There are some very good options in countertops for people in Maple Grove, MN to consider that will not only be practical, versatile and beautiful but also add lasting value to their home.

Typical Options

Two of the lowest cost option for countertops, either for a kitchen or a bathroom, are tiles and laminate types of products. While laminate countertops can look like many other types of counters, they are not the same with regards to natural variations, color options, weight, durability and longevity.

Tile, like laminate, also has significant issues. Tile requires grout, and grout requires sealing and cleaning or it quickly begins to stain. This type of countertop is also easy to chip or break, particularly in busy family kitchens where drops and spills are common.

The Natural Stone Difference

With countertops made of stone, typically granite, marble or quartz, you are making a lifetime investment. The natural stone pieces of granite and marble are cut specifically to your kitchen or bathroom, and they are one piece during installation for a continuous surface.

This means there are no grout lines or seams, and if there are joints in the piece because of a specific need or shape requirement, they are carefully constructed match with the patterns in the stone.

With natural stone countertops there is a rich, almost dimensional quality to the appearance of the stone. Remember, the pattern and the color is throughout, it is not just on the surface. Polishing and sealing creates the beautiful luster and shine that will last for years with only minimal maintenance and care.

The Colors

It is almost impossible to describe in words the colors of stone countertops. Quartz tends to have a greater range of colors such as blues, greens, rich reds, multicolored flecks and aggregate types of patterns that can include earthy tones or more vibrant colors.

Marble and granite are slightly more subdued in color but no less unique in patterns. You will find tans, beige, white, off-white, crema and onto browns, grays and blacks. Granite can include a wider range of colors and patterns within the stone.

For most people, narrowing down their colors and pattern options in natural stone countertops is the biggest consideration. The good news is that for Maple Grove, MN homeowners there is a top selection, allowing you to create just the look you want.

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