Mississippi Lemon Laws

Every state has Lemon Laws that protect a consumer that buys a vehicle that turns out to have a substantial defect that cannot be repaired. Mississippi Lemon Laws make the vehicle manufacturer responsible, not the dealership where the vehicle was purchased.

In Mississippi the Lemon Law covers any vehicle purchased new in the state, operated on the public roads in the state and used to convey people or property. If they were sold with a warranty the law also covers vehicles that were used as a demonstrator as well as those on lease-purchase. The law does not cover vehicles used for off-road purposes, mopeds or motorcycles.


Mississippi Lemon Laws protect the consumer that purchased a new vehicle that has a serious defect that makes the vehicle unsafe for the occupants, reduces the vehicles resale value or impairs its normal use. As long as the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty it is covered by the Lemon Law for 12 months after the date it was purchased.

Before you can take any corrective action the manufacturer must have been given the opportunity to repair the defect. You must allow three attempts; if the problem persists you can then mail a written final request for repair. It is not only repair attempts, you can also take action if the car has been in for repair for 15 days. If you receive no response from the manufacturer within 10 days of your mailing the final notice or repairs cannot be made within 10 days of commencing the final repair effort you can either get a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price.

If the vehicle manufacturer offers informal mediation in an attempt to resolve the issues you must use it before you hire a lawyer and take legal action to protect your rights.

There is no cost to you when you use the mediation program offered by the manufacturer. The normal process simply asks that you submit a formal complaint in writing and that all copies of service reports, repair bills and a record of the days the car was unavailable be included. In most cases the issue is resolved in 40 days, you have the right to either accept the offer from the manufacturer or reject it. If you reject it the manufacturer is given a further 30 days to comply, then and only then can you take legal action. The decision handed down during the mediation process is not binding on you, it is however binding on the manufacturer.

The Mississippi Lemon Laws are there to protect a consumer that purchases a vehicle that has a substantial defect that cannot be repaired. If this is your situation then contact Krohn & Moss, Lemon Law Attorneys.

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