Mattress Sizing: Choosing the One for You

Mattresses come in a number of different sizes, each having their place in different applications. They come in sizes ranging from crib or toddler bed sized, all the way up to a large California king sized. Clearly some sizes are for specialty applications, while some are more common for everyday sleeping.

Crib/Toddler Mattresses

These are the smallest mattresses commercially available. They are for small children, and can be used both in a crib and a toddler bed. These are typically be very firm, for the safety of the child. With the low weight of the person sleeping on a crib mattress, they are generally made from less durable materials compared to adult sized beds. This allows them to be less expensive and lighter, which is great for the relatively short timeframe they would be used for.


Twin sized beds are typical for children and in dorms. They are going to comfortably fit one average sized adult, and they do not take up too much space in shared rooms. They will be easier to move because of their smaller size, which can be a great bonus if you are a student who moves back home for the summer semester.

Double and Queen

A bed that is a double is going to be wider than a twin, and the extra width lets it sleep two. It can fit two adults, but it may be a tight fit. In cases where two people will be sharing a bed regularly, a queen sized mattress in Jackson, MS is going to be more comfortable. Queen is the most popular size amongst married couples.

King and California King

These are large beds. They are both wider and longer than other sizes, and are generally considered a luxury item. Many hotels feature king or California king beds as special features in more expensive rooms. While they are very spacious, they can be extremely difficult to move, and they take up a lot of floor space.

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