Making a Plan for Wayfinding Signs

It’s normal to get accustomed to your surroundings and not need any help finding what you are looking for. The only time we typically think about wayfinding signage is if we get lost, experience confusing instructions or don’t have any direction at all. Wayfinding signs in Illinois can ensure individuals find what they are looking for. This is especially important if you own a business and want to assist clients in finding key products, services or areas. Wayfinding is a bit more than providing attractive signs. It takes a well thought out plan that anticipates visitor’s needs. Here are some strategies for developing wayfinding signage.

Start From A Distance

Exterior signage should be visible as soon as your property is approached. Signs need to be concise, clear and easily read. They should develop along a logical flow giving essential information starting at the entrance of the parking area to the receptionist and beyond. Also keep in mind, signs on the perimeter of the property are often a visitor’s first impression.

Anticipate Needs

Most likely, you spend eight or more hours every day at your institution and can find your way around in the dark. It’s not fair to assume visitors can do the same. Anticipate challenges an outsider might have with directions or finding destinations. You want to do this with as few signs as possible.

Listen to Clients

You can gain a lot of insight by listening to clients. They may be giving you clues as to what wayfinding signs your Illinois business needs. If they are saying things like, “I’m sorry I’m late, it was hard to find you.” Or if you hear multiple requests for the location of the restrooms.

To learn more about about how you can implement a wayfinding signage system, visit the Quantum Sign Corporation website.

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