4 Ways to Pick a Staffing Firm

Bad hires are costing companies as much as $17,000, the Business News Daily reports. Hiring the wrong employee also has a negative impact on the rest of the team, can jeopardize consumer trust and confidence as well as hurt the team and department’s productivity levels at work.

If you don’t have a trained recruitment team, it might be better to seek out staffing services in Midvale for better staffing assistance. Here’s how to choose one:

Ask about their process

How does the company find and filter applicants for the position? What kind of measures do they use? This will tell you if they’re strict or not with their hiring standards. If they aren’t filtering those clients right, then you’ll be better off skipping to the next staffing firm on your list.

Check out the positions

Some recruitment teams specialize in finding and hiring talents for a certain industry or field of expertise. That’s why it pays to check out the range of positions that the company normally recruits for to know if they have any experience recruiting for the ones you need.

Know what you need

What kind of talents are on offer? Some staffing teams are quite capable of providing good but low-cost temp talents. Others are experts at providing high-level talents for a specific industry or field of expertise. Find out what kind of talents you need. That’s going to make it easier to choose which companies will hit the mark. For top talents, though, contact companies with plenty of experience in the field like TopThrive.

Consider the cost

How much does it cost? Be wary of low rates. If you’re hiring for a specialized position and the rate sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. You’ll want to look for staffing services in Midvale that have charge reasonable and believable rates instead. This will give you better confidence and peace of mind in your hiring decisions.

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