Make Sure Your Plasma Cutting Machine is on the Cutting Edge

Today’s plasma cutting technology has moved forward at a fast pace. New CNC machines are equipped with touchscreen technology, which tends to minimize the number of operating buttons that need to be pushed. Operator training, as well, has been greatly simplified so that the learning curve on even the most complex plasma cutting machine can be greatly reduced.

Plasma Cutting Benefits
Plasma cutting technology uses air, nitro, oxygen or argon. These four elements can get ionized at higher temperatures and become what’s known as plasma. Electricity is created by passing the plasma through a nozzle at high speeds. The arc discharge is extremely hot, and can easily cut through tough metals. This process is ideal for computer-controlled cutting sheet metal in curved or angular shapes.

Where Plasma Cutting Is Used
Typical materials where plasma cutting is used include aluminum, steel, copper and brass. These materials are all conductive. You’ll generally find the practice being used in welding and fabrication shops, automotive restoration and repair shops, salvage and scrapping operations, and where large scale CNC applications take place. The technique can even be found in small hobbyist shops.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plasma Machine
When choosing a plasma cutting machine, there are several things to consider. The machines cutting capacity, cutting quality, reliability, its duty cycle, and ease of use are critical factors. The second important consideration is if cutting will be done on a table or by hand. Some plasma machines are cable of doing both.

It’s also important to purchase the equipment from companies that have an excellent customer service policy. If a company can be found that designs, builds, and supports your plasma cutting machine; so much the better. Some of the best plasma machines today provide a high degree of accuracy that will last for many years. They’re also easy to operate. Make sure the plasma cutting machine you invest in is on the cutting edge. As a professional, you know that the best equipment leads to the best results. In today’s highly industrialized world, it is beneficial to have the best equipment on hand to get the job done.

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