Looking For The Right Dentist? Ask The Right Questions

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Dentistry

Finding a good dentist is very important; it can also be very difficult. The best way to know if a dentist is a good fit for the needs of you and your family is to sit and talk for a few minutes before you make your final decision, to do this you have to have found him or her in the first place.

Once you have found dentists in Old Town Chicago that meet your basic requirements; close to your home, extended office hours, able to treat your whole family, etc it is the time to schedule an initial consultation. During your introductory meeting, to ensure you choose the right dentist, there are a few questions that you may wish to consider asking.


The only way to determine if you’re comfortable with the dentist is to ask questions and listen for the answers. This often is a gut-instinct but it is important that you feel you can speak openly with the dentist about your concerns.

What areas, if any, does the dentist specialize in?

Some dentists specialize in certain defined areas of the profession; some focus more on cosmetic dentistry while others specialize in implant surgery or orthodontics or family dentistry. Other dentists have extensive training in a broad spectrum of procedures. It is your choice but the majority of potential patients are looking for dentists in Old Town Chicago that can comfortably deal with routine work as well as more complex procedures, all under one roof.

Schedule for checkups:

Everybody has different needs when it comes to oral health. It is important that your dentist provides you with a customized plan for your dental health which should include not only a schedule of regular visits but methods to employ at home; brushing and flossing may not be enough.

When you are looking for dentists in Old Town Chicago you should look for a dentist that cares about you as well as your oral health. At Chicago Smile Design you can expect and get excellence from the dentists as well as the clinical and administrative staff.

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