Learning Your Way Around A Knife

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Business

Before you take the time to buy any cutlery packages or a specific knife, it may be a good idea to learn the parts of a knife and what it is that makes a good, quality knife. High quality knives definitely have differences that set them apart from cheaper, lower quality knives.

When it comes to cooking cutlery such as Moulder knives, there are specific sections of the knife to get familiarized with. The bolster is a thick strip of steel that sits between the handle and the blade of the knife. The bolster provides both protection and balance. The steel band helps keep the hand from slipping across the blade. Bolsters can only be found on forged knives, not knives that are stamped. This is something to look for when selecting a knife to buy.

The handle of Moulder knives might be made out of wood or it might be made out of steel or other synthetic material. Synthetic material handles can be easier to grip and provide less friction while being better able to withstand high temperatures whereas wood handles might have trouble with these issues.

The tang of the blade is the part that extends into the handle of Moulder knives. In cheaper knives you’ll notice that the tang is short or not even visible. In quality knives, the tang provides balance and durability and should extend all the way to the very end of the handle.

The edge is the full sharp part of the blade while the spine is the opposite unsharpened part of the blade at the top. The tip and the center of the blade are crucial sections. The center is responsible for most of the work that the knife does such as any slicing and cutting and as such, it’s the first to get dull. Keep the center of the knife sharp by using sharpening tools as needed to keep it functioning well and working the way it should be. The very tip of the blade takes up about a quarter of the blade and is often used for cutting and probing and helping to separate small pieces.

Bear in mind that there are knives that are specifically made for very specific tasks. Some are good at slicing vegetables and fruits while others are better at skinning animals or gutting fish for cooking purposes. Conduct some research on different knife brands and styles before deciding which ones to buy and read reviews to see what others say about the knives you’re considering.

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