Learn What A Face Lift In Naperville Does And Doesn’t Do

More and more people consider a facelift each year, but it is surprising how many people don’t know what it does. It might be obvious from the day face lift that an area of the face will be lifted. However, many people do not know what exactly a face lift does and the procedure that will take place.

Because there are multiple techniques, there are also several results. Each one can help, but it’s important to know what you wish to achieve from the procedure so your doctor can help you choose the right one.

What It Does

A full facelift that includes a cheek-lift also called deep-plane lifts will help with the neck, cheeks and jowl areas of the body. The cheek is primarily made up of fat, which will ultimately start to sag as you get older. When that happens, you’ll notice that the skin sags from the cheekbone and can make you look older. During the procedure, that skin is hoisted back to where it began, which can reduce the look of smile creases.

The connective tissues under your jowl area are also pulled up, which can reduce the slack found along your jawline.

Your neck has a muscle called the platysma, which is tightened up on each size, which will help define your jawline and smooth any vertical bands that show in the neck.

Liposuction is then used underneath the chin, which can help reduce the double-chin look and can also improve the jaw definition.

The procedure can seem a little scary for some women, especially those who haven’t had surgery before. However, it is a common procedure, and qualified surgeons shouldn’t have trouble with it.

What It Doesn’t Do

The primary concern for most women is whether or not a face lift in Naperville helps the forehead. While the assumption is considered reasonable since the forehead is part of the facial area, forehead rejuvenation is usually a separate procedure. However, most surgeons will allow you to combine these procedures to create the overall look you are trying to achieve.

The facelift doesn’t treat your eyelids, though the procedure, called blepharoplasty, can be added during the facelift if you prefer.

It also won’t remove any fine lines that you may see around your mouth, nor will it restore volume to your face. However, dermal fillers can treat these problems.

A face lift in Naperville can help you create a more youthful appearance, but learning what it can and can’t do is essential. Visit Chicagoland Aesthetics now to learn more.

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