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by | Jul 5, 2013 | Recycling

The Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority is the agency that manages the Recycling Centers Connecticut for the state. State law requires that everyone recycle. This is true whether a person lives in a single family dwelling or in an apartment building.

Businesses are also required to recycle. This is true whether the business is a large one, small one or a medium one. Both for profit businesses and non profit businesses are required to recycle according the state law.

Different towns located in the state recycle different materials. Some of the materials that are recycled include cans, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard. In addition, the Recycling Centers Connecticut in many towns also accept electronics for recycling purposes. One way to find out what your town recycles is be calling your local recycling and trash office. That office can also tell you exactly where you can recycle each of the items that are accepted.

For some people, recycling can seem like it might not be worth the effort it takes. After all, recycling takes more time to perform than simply throwing those types of items in the trash can. However, there are a number of different reasons why it is important to recycle.

Natural resources are saved. Even though trees are a renewable resource, growing new trees takes time and effort. Each time a tree is cut down to make more paper products, the benefits that tree provides the planet, such as cleaning the air, are lost. By making paper towels out of recycled newspapers, trees are spared, which benefits everyone.

The Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority burns trash. This burning makes energy that the state does not need to pay for. This, in turn, saves the citizens of the state more and more money over the long and short term. So this additional funding can then be directed to some other programs that can benefit the citizens even more.

In addition, by burning trash, the state does not need to tap into fossil fuels. These are fuels, such as coal, that are limited in number. These types of fuels also take a long time to form.

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