Laptop Security Tips for the Globe-Trotter

Sensitive work information and personal details on your laptop are but two of the reasons why you need to keep your unit secured. That’s why ensuring it’s safe and protected from prying eyes or hackers for those times when you’re “AFK” (away from the keyboard) is crucial. If you’re travelling, then here are some best tips to take away with you:

Bag it

Get a bag that’s specially designed for your laptop, with the right padding so you won’t have to worry about slight bumps damaging your unit beyond repair.

Keep it with you

Never leave your laptop anywhere unattended, says the Huffington Post. If you do, that’s just an invitation for thieves to abscond with your unit. Make sure you keep it with you at all times. Don’t even let it leave your sight. A moment’s inattention is all thieves need to snatch your unit and make it disappear forever.

Use a security lock

Get yourself a laptop security lock. This can be enough to deter thieves. It’s also an easy way to keep the content of your laptop private, especially if you’ve got prying eyes or nosy bodies around.

Don’t let strangers use it

Yes, you want to be nice. But that could lead to all sorts of security problems for you. If you keep your bank details on your laptop, then allowing a complete stranger to use your unit means you’re giving that person free access to sensitive information about you, the kind you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. So if you want to keep your information safe, never let a stranger use it, no matter what.

So if you’re on the road a lot, then take precautions to ensure your laptop is safe and secure. Always keep it with you and get a lock to keep prying eyes out.

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