Knowing when your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Repair & Service

There are many different types of cracks that can occur in your windshield and while all of these might not inhibit your ability to see and drive safely, they are unsightly and can grow into bigger problems if not properly taken care of. When you have to perform windshield replacement in Atlanta on your windshield due to one of these types of cracks, it can help the technician solve the problem quickly if you are able to provide information about the type of crack or chip that is present. The main types of cracks that you may be faced with include the basic crack, a star break, a bull’s eye, and various types of chips.

Basic Crack

The basic crack is the first type that may require windshield replacement in Atlanta and is usually the crack that you will associate with a cracked windshield. This type of crack is one that is a basic line that is present on your windshield and can either be straight or crooked. It can also take place on any part of the surface of your windshield and is likely to expand and grow if not taken care of properly. When you witness a basic crack on your windshield, it is important to take it in to your local technician right away to get it fixed or replace the windshield.

Star Break

Star break cracks occur when an object hits your car, either while driving and heavy rocks are thrown at it or when it is parked something drops on it. This type of crack may require immediate windshield replacement in Atlanta depending on the severity of the crack and how hard the window was hit. This crack gets its name based on the appearance of a star with little cracks branching off of it. This one can quickly grow if not taken care of.

Bull’s Eye

This one is easy to spot if you just take a moment to glance at your windshield. It will have the appearance of a dartboard with a center and other circles forming around it. This type of crack, along with the star break crack, can make it very difficult to drive and should be taken care of right away with windshield replacement in Atlanta.


Chips are another form of cracks that can affect your windshield, and often people choose not to take care of them. These occur when something hits your windshield, such as a rock being bounced off another car on the highway. The indentation formed by a chip will usually only penetrate through one side of the windshield and not go all the way through like other cracks. While the damage is usually small, it can become much worse if not properly taken care of.

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