Knowing When to Call For Honey Bee Removal in Phoenix, AZ

From the beginning of spring until early summer, bee colonies begin the task of finding a new home. Every year honeybees experience hive overcrowding and the colony must divide and find new accommodations for the group. Approximately one-half to two-thirds of the worker bees in the colony will travel in a swarm, with the queen protected in the center, to select their new home. Left behind in the hive to continue breeding are the remainder of the colony and a newly matured queen.

Swarms of house hunting bees cause a lot of alarm when they arrive in residential neighborhoods. Honey Bee Removal in Phoenix AZ is often a busy service during this time of the year as people discover the swarms in trees and contact removal companies to eliminate them from their property. There is usually no need for alarm when these swarms are seen. They are not setting up a permanent household in the tree. They are waiting for the scout bees to return with news of their new home. Honeybees are not aggressive and there is no reason to worry as long as people and pets keep their distance.

There is an urgent need for Honey Bee Removal in Phoenix AZ when the swarm discovers that the best location for their colony is in the yard or the home near the swarm. Contacting help at this point could save time and the effort of removing bees from the home. Be wary if individual bees are discovered buzzing around the house, a hollow tree or in the garden while the swarm is waiting. This could mean that the scouts are considering these areas for a permanent residence.

When homeowners contact ASAP Bee Removal they will arrive and assess the situation. They will make certain to clear out the bees and the honeycomb if the colony is already established in their new home. Removal services will also include swarm removal and treatment methods to prevent any potential return of colony members. Visit website name to learn more about bee removal and read tips for homeowners that discover bees in their yard or around their home.

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