Is Email Marketing the Best Route to Recruit Engineers?

Social media is the current best friend for recruiting agencies, but does this mean the end for email marketing? For any engineering recruiting agency in Minneapolis, they are going to consider all potential routes to find the best candidates.

Are Your Candidates Active or Passive Jobseekers?

Some candidates believe they can leave their information with their favorite engineering recruiting agency in Minneapolis and job offers will follow soon after. Others are more proactive and use every source possible to get themselves put on the best lists.

As most candidates are already in a full-time job, they are going to rely on recruiting agencies to bring them unadvertised jobs when they are available.

With so many routes that can be taken by an engineering recruiting agency in Minneapolis, email marketing is still one of the options available and actively used by many.

Agencies find that by keeping individuals on their email marketing list, those individuals become more active in responding and updating their personal situation. They may have gained more education and learned new skills since they provided their details to a recruiting agency.

Email marketing gives the agency the opportunity to lay out more details about the job than most other social media opportunities. By listing detailed information about required experience and qualifications, time can be saved throughout the entire process.

Agencies must ensure that their email marketing is warm and attractive, rather than cold and detached. They must ensure that candidates believe they are being targeted personally.

Companies may suggest that some specific roles are best suited to other marketing methods because they believe more attractive candidates are likely to apply.

In the modern era, most individuals of all ages use a variety of social media and email to keep in contact with real friends, and so-called friends, and this can be used to the advantage of recruitment agencies.

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