International Trucks for Sale – The Terrastar Has Many Uses

If you are looking for a tough and rugged medium duty commercial truck in Texas, International trucks for sale have much to offer. In fact, the Terrastar is a result of a century of truck building expertise. Here are some of the good things this truck can give you.


The B50 life expectancy of the V8 diesel engine is 500,000 miles, so you should have few problems with the engine for at least one-half million miles. It has an iron block made with compacted graphite. This kind of engine delivers greater strength than cast iron and it weighs less, so you’ll get enhanced fuel economy. Graphite iron blocks can hold up to the toughest long-haul conditions.

Utility Trucks

If you need a utility truck when you check out International trucks for sale in Texas, look no further than the Terrastar. The 300-horsepower motor is more than strong enough for the job, and with increased fuel efficiency, your municipality saves on fuel costs.


City driving includes backing up and getting into some tight spots at times. The Terrastar was designed with maximum visibility in mind. No other truck in its class has better forward visibility and its 38 percent better than its closest competition.

Construction Work

If you are a building contractor, you need something that can haul and tow heavy loads. The Terrastar’s huck-bolted frame and Allison 1000 transmission are as tough as they come.

Diamond Logic

Diamond Logic is an electrical system that’s smart and convenient. It comes with a number of important safety interlock features. For example, when you turn on the windshield wipers, the headlines come on also. When it’s time to look at International trucks for sale in Texas, consider the Terrastar and many other tough trucks at your International commercial truck dealer.

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