Innovative Treatment Techniques for Low Back Pain in Florissant MO

Low Back Pain in Florissant MO can be devitalizing to the body and reduce the quality of life. Mercifully, there is a wide range of chiropractic treatment modalities that aim to cure disorders in the back anatomy. A single type of diagnosis cannot always be treated in the same way for each patient. This is because bodies individually respond to treatment in different ways for the same condition. Treatment plans should be suited to the particular individual for the medical problem to be completely resolved. This starts with a comprehensive exam and document of health history. Health problems and injuries that happened prior to the development of back pain provides a great deal of help in finding where the pain originates from.

Those with Low Back Pain in Florissant MO may have a spinal issue that causes compression on the spine. This puts a strain on the discs of the spine. Spinal decompression therapy gradually stretches the spine to relieve pressure. Neighboring soft tissue is also healed and returned to normal functionality with this type of therapy. Virtually all movements of the body incorporate the use of some part of the back anatomy. This is why some of the simplest movements made everyday can be painful. Spinal decompression is a non-invasive traction technique that does a fantastic job at treating spinal disc herniation, facet joint syndrome, and degenerative spinal discs. The patient lies on a traction system table secured to a support system. A computer system allows physicians to apply therapy to the individual spinal discs that are in a troubled condition.

Electrical muscle stimulation uses electrical signals and sends it to the nerves of soft tissue and muscle. The electrical currents block pain signals sent to the brain. It creates a barrier in the pathways that send messages of pain to the brain. Pain is substantially reduced or eliminated. Electrical muscle stimulation relieves cramped and painful muscles. The effects of this procedure help the body set free endorphin hormones. These hormones can be credited for naturally reducing pain. To learn about other types of chiropractic therapy for back pain, visit

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