A Back & Neck Care Center In Florissant MO Can Help To Reduce Your Pain

When you’re with pain in your back or neck, it can drastically ruin your quality of life and prevent you from remaining gainfully employed. Turning to prescription pain medicine or over-the-counter relief can lead to digestive or addiction issues. A Back & Neck Care Center Florissant MO can reduce the pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion without medication and help to correct the problem.

In addition to solving an individual’s neck and back pain problems, a chiropractor will provide an individual with a free consultation. Understanding what is causing the pain and how it can be corrected will help with an individual’s recovery.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are a common reason an individual suffers from back or neck problems. Even an impact of five miles per hour can jolt an individual’s spine and neck. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to stiff muscles and a limited range of motion.

Spinal Adjustment

Adjusting the spine and placing it back into position will improve a patient’s health and reduce their pain. An adjustment will sound similar to when an individual cracks their knuckles because it releases the gases trapped inside. A spinal adjustment does not usually cause any pain.

The chiropractor will put pressure on the area and quickly move the spine into position. Depending on the location of the vertebrae, the chiropractor could use a small instrument that will not cause any pain.

Muscle Stimulation

The Back & Neck Care Center Florissant MO also uses muscle stimulation to restore blood flow to a damaged area. Increasing blood flow and aligning the spine will provide a damaged area to recover from the injury. Irritated nerve endings and bulging discs can heal without surgery or medication.


What’s good about stretching? Decompression is a form of stretching that is performed on the spine. Decompression gently separates the vertebrae so the discs can rehydrate and provide relief from pain and stiffness. This type of treatment does not hurt and will be relaxing for an individual suffering from neck or back pain.

When you’re living with pain, taking medication will only mask the problem. Browse the Website and find out how a back and neck care center can help.

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