Industry Secrets Revealed: The Cheapest Cars to Run

Many of us will consider purchasing a used car, but where do you start? If you are looking for a nice runner that won’t break the bank, keep these tips in mind when looking for a used Mazda in Frankfort. For the drivers who are looking for a car that is simple to run, but don’t have the petrol head knowledge of the experts, these tips are ideal for you. As we run through this list of insider secrets, take notes and bring them with you to your dealer of a used Mazda in Frankfurt.

Smaller Engines Are Cheaper

Car engines come in a lot of different sizes and powers. Choosing a massive 2.0-liter engine will provide more horsepower, but will also guzzle through your fuel like no tomorrow. Engine size is a worthy area of consideration when thinking about picking up a new motor. Smaller engines are great for people who are just looking to get from A to B. Anyone who is looking for speed should consider a larger engine.

Petrol Is Cheaper Than Diesel

Diesel engines are more economical than their petrol drinking cousins. However, don’t be fooled into thinking a diesel engine is cheaper to run. Diesel cars are often more expensive to purchase and diesel is usually more expensive at the pumps!

Manual Transmission Will Save You Money

Switching through gears can take a little time to get used to, but can be quite fun when you get the hang of it. Automatic transmissions remove the hassle of switching gears, but will come with a higher price tag! How much money you can save really depends on the car. Brand new automatics will usually set you back a further $2000, and used cars will be slightly more expensive. Though automatics will save you money in the long term on petrol, as the automatic knows what gear to be in.

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