Furnished Housing in Imperial Beach and So Much More

It can feel like such a great deal to find furnished housing in Imperial Beach that you just don’t look beyond but that can be a terrible way to approach your housing options. What if you could have housing that was fully furnished with high quality designer style furnishings and get even more for the same price that you would pay for unfurnished housing? You would go for it right? Of course you would! Sometimes more is really more!

What More Could You Want?

A lot of people find something furnished and they think that is the best they can do so they just sign the lease and deal with it but there is more! A lot more that you can get out of your housing off base:

  • A heated pool and Jacuzzi
  • On-site parking
  • Central location
  • On-site laundry

Why not come in from a long day and take a dip in the resort like pool? If you could you would. Struggling for a parking spot can really set the pace for the rest of the evening but when you have an on-site parking area you just pull in and walk into your beautifully styled living quarters. Does it get any easier? Of course it does when you hold out and wait for the right place, you can just do your laundry while you soak in the Jacuzzi.

Have It All

Why settle for furnished when you can have exceptional style and the amenities that you want as well? What if it was all affordable and offered such easy terms that it just made your heart happy? Find out more about your next slice of paradise instead of just furnished at the Foxwood Apartments, where more is the word of the day!

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