In Search of Print Management Solutions

If your office in Charlotte, NC is growing, it can place a strain on the person in charge of managing the printing equipment. For example, IT administrators may have a great deal of knowledge and experience with server computers and communications systems. However, taking care of printing machines, equipment, supplies, and printing operations, takes a different kind of knowledge and training. In fact, many IT professionals make common mistakes that can greatly reduce efficiency. Here are two of the most common issues offices face today, along with their print management solutions.

Print Servers

On the surface, print servers seem like a good idea. Everyone has access to the machines, and they can send their documents and other digital data to the printer. However, print servers offer no real management functions. Also, if your server fails, no one in the office can use the equipment. During the course of a day, a print server can place a large demand on a network. Instead of offering print management solutions they can give you major headaches. So what’s the answer?

It’s easier to turn the job of managing your printing equipment over to a qualified maintenance service. They have IT professionals to help you with print servers, but you may find that servers aren’t really necessary. With proper management, your office can run smoother and more efficient.

Equipment Downtime

When a staff member has to wait because a printer or fax machine is down, it costs your company money. If you multiply this issue by five or six workstations, you have a major problem on your hands. This problem is often caused by the wrong printing equipment services for your business. The best services offer print management solutions custom designed for your office, people, and industry. They make sure you have limited downtime and the lowest possible costs.

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