Important tips when choosing a keynote speaker

The preparation for successful events requires a lot of work, from the search for a convenient venue, choosing the time of year that is easiest for people to travel and arranging an engaging itinerary for the attendees. However, as any event organizer will probably tell you, the choice of keynote speaker is up there with the most important choices you will ever make for a successful event. Before choosing a Marketing Keynote Speaker in Westlake Village, CA, here are some helpful tips you must consider;


Depending on the nature of the event and the agreement, there is often the question of whether the keynote speaker will be paid or not. While some companies do not typically pay their speakers when they organize an event, preparing that keynote speech involves a lot of work and many speakers might require some sort of payment as part of their contract. Think about what is affordable for you and your event plan when choosing a keynote speaker.


When it comes to expectations, it is important to think about what either side expects from the keynote speech. Think about what the audience expects to get out of the event and communicate these expectations to the speaker. Think about why everyone is attending, and how their reasons will have them react to the keynote speaker. Most attendees often want some sort of takeaway from the event. Considering what the speaker is planning, will they be satisfied? It also pays to think about the entertainment and engagement value of the speaker and the keynote speech. Regardless of the approach they take, they will only be memorable if they have some sort of entertainment or engagement value they add. The expectations of the speaker also hugely shape their approach to the event and the keynote speech. Everyone should ideally be on the same page. Understanding the expectations of the speaker is easy, but perhaps a formal client profile might be necessary to know what the attendees expect.

The goal

Ultimately, every organization or company organizing an event has an end goal in mind. Look into how the keynote speech plays into these goals when making a choice.

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