Appealing A Denial Of Your VA Disability Claim

If you prepare and file an application for veterans disability benefits only to have your application denied, you are amongst friends; it is certainly not uncommon for this to happen. You have the right to appeal the decision and to do so you will have to file notice that you disagree with the decision they made. You have a full year from the date the VA made their decision to deny benefits to discuss your options with VA disability appeal lawyers and lodge an appeal.

There is no specific form or document that you must use when you file what the VA calls a “NOD,” Notice of Disagreement. You can simply write a letter to the VA stating that you take exception to their ruling.

Don’t be specific at this time:

When your application for VA disability benefits is denied it is quite understandable that you want to point out why you think they made an error. Stating your reasoning when you lodge your NOD is not the right time to do this. This is the time when you should be looking for VA disability appeal lawyers, they are in a much better position to support your objections and they know the right time and venue in which to do this.

The only thing the NOD is designed to do is for you to go on record that you disagree with the decision; all you want to do at this time is preserve your right to lodge an appeal. If you were to go into detail at this time you stand a chance of limiting your right to appeal issues that you don’t even know exist. This is the primary reason for hiring disability appeal lawyers. All you really have to do is state that you disagree and you want to exercise your right of appeal.

When your application for VA disability benefits is denied the appeals process is very complicated and you will be well advised to hire VA disability appeal lawyers. To discuss your situation you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.

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