Ideas For Choosing Stained Doors For Any Home Color

Buying a natural wood exterior door is a great way to add to the curb appeal of your home as well as to give your front entrance, and entire home, a rich, warm and welcoming look. Choosing the right color of stained doors may be a bit more challenging, but there are some simple tips to consider to get just the right color for your house.

The Wood

One of the most important factors in choosing a stain color is to work with stains that are designed to enhance the color of a specific type of wood. For example, stained doors in knotty alder can range from light to dark colors, but they tend to be different than the same stain on a mahogany wood door or a cedar wood door.

This is because of several different factors including the natural color of the wood, which will have an impact on the final color of the stain. Remember that stain soaks in and enhances the grain of the wood while paint completely covers this and forms a coat on the top of the wood.

By knowing what different stains will look like on a given type of wood, you can get the correct color for your stained doors. Always look for a door company who provides specific information and samples of what a specific stain looks like on different woods including the wood you are choosing for the door.

Natural or More Exotic

For every wood, there is a natural stain that is designed to allow the beauty of the wood to show through without any significant change in the color. This is a good option for a natural wood home, and it also looks amazing with the lighter colors of siding or with lighter colors of natural stone.
The warmer tones, which may be browner or even moving to a reddish brown, add a rich, warm look to the wood. With some woods, such as knotty alder, the darker stains may decrease the contrast between the knots and the natural wood, but they will still be visible.

A more exotic stain color, which includes the dark reds and the dark browns, are a classic and timeless option. These stained doors are a great match for brick, darker colors of natural stone and darker paint or siding colors on a home. They also look terrific with a darker color of natural wood as a siding, and they are particularly attractive on log homes.

With stained doors of any color, choosing the type of glass in the door, or the addition of sidelites and transoms can also be instrumental in getting just the look you want.

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