Why Electric Hand Dryers Make the Perfect Choice for Most Washrooms

When you have the opportunity of installing electric hand dryers or a paper towel machine, you will wonder how the price differences vary, not only for the original purchase, but over the longer term. Where cleanliness is equal in both models, perhaps your choice should be directed at the more environmentally friendly Bradley hand dryers.

Electricity Versus Paper Use

Although use of electric power or tree based paper is not great for the environment, electricity may be powered from solar panels or wind installations. Paper may be provided from recycled or renewable sources, so both methods may be offered to washroom users with good green thoughts in mind.

Where the element of differential is cost, Bradley hand dryers will be more expensive than installing a unit that dispenses paper towels, but as you purchase stock, depending upon the numbers of people visiting the washroom, the installation of the electrical unit will become far cheaper to operate over the longer term.

With paper towels, there is not only the cost of employing individuals to fill these units consistently, you must also add the cost of trash bags and regular maintenance as well as disposal of the trash bags. Those used paper towels are unlikely to be recycled.

Cheaper Paper Towels?

Organizations may decide to purchase cheaper paper towels, but this decision may backfire for two specific reasons. First, individuals may need to use more cheaper towels to gain the same effect for drying their hands, compared to using fewer more expensive paper towels. Second, visitors may complain about the low quality of your paper towels and this may affect the image of your company and its branding. In comparison, they are unlikely to complain about the wide range of Bradley hand dryers that you could choose to install.

The wide range of electric hand dryers combines more traditional models where a cone directs the heat to your hands. These can be automatic operations or only work when a button is pressed.

The most recent technological advances have seen the introduction of high-speed electric hand dryers and those that operate horizontally of vertical, ensuring that an individual’s hands do not need to touch the machine at any stage.

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