How to Stay Safe on Your First Date

When you have agreed to encounter an individual having met through online dating or been introduced through a professional matchmaking service, safety for both individuals is paramount. However well your background checks have been performed, it is still a random individual that you will be meeting with. You should also think about the security aspect and make sensible suggestions about where to meet women in Boston.

Consider A Lunchtime Date

By choosing to meet an individual across lunchtime, you are at least avoiding dark areas of your city during the evening or late hours. When you consider where to meet women in Boston, it is important to contemplate how and where you can make them feel safe about the meeting.

Use Your Favorite Search Engine

Where you are unsure where to meet women in Boston, use your favorite search engine to ask that simple question as many others may be able to provide good quality answers, suggestions and advice. Dissect the results carefully.

You can use the same search engine to find out more about your date. As you explore their social media pages you might find out more about their character and if anything alarms you about the messages they have posted, do not ignore your instincts.

You will have chosen to meet in a public place, where plenty of other individuals are about. The choice of a neutral location means that you will both feel safe about the choice of venue and not feel obliged to meet at the other individual’s favorite restaurant.

As an extension to your security, have a friend on speed dial and ask them to call you during your first date to check you are good. Informing your date about this call means you are increasing the safety for both of you as you consider where to meet women in Boston.

Finally, if your first date is completely wrong or you feel uncomfortable, make your excuses and leave safely, even if this means requesting a taxi or a friend to collect you from the venue.

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