How to Spot Shaker Doors

It can sometimes be difficult buying items online, or even in person, if you aren’t really sure what different styles may be called. This becomes even more important when you are buying very popular, yet difficult to find, items such as interior Shaker doors.

The difficulty in buying Shaker doors really comes into play when consumers buy from less-than-reputable dealers. These sellers, many who are online, are not selling their own doors in most cases, but rather doors they buy from other companies. They tend to simply label doors that have some features like the Shaker style as actually being of that design style.

The Historic Shaker Style

The authentic or original Shaker style of furniture and design was developed by a religious group known as the Shakers who lived in New Lebanon, New York, until the 1940s. The Shaker term was actually a shortened version of the name of the sect, which was the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing.

Similar to the Amish and other types of religions who focused on a simple, minimal and utilitarian type of lifestyle, their furniture was elegant yet practical, refined yet simple. The most common elements in Shaker doors will include the horizontal panels within a solid, broad frame.

The Shaker Style Today

The Shaker doors of today embody that style. They typically tend to have five to six horizontal panels, depending on the height of the door, almost giving a ladder-like look to the door. There are also those doors in the Shaker style with two or three panels, often combining horizontal and vertical design elements.

Today’s modern Shaker doors have kept the basics of the design, but also added unique touches. One very popular option is to switch the wood panels for glass, which can be frosted, ridged, or even water or rain glass to provide an additional level of privacy.

All true styles of Shaker doors will be solid and simple, but they never look old, basic or plain. Instead, because of the top quality of wood used in the doors, they are a beautiful addition to any room.

In keeping with the Shaker style, authentic Shaker doors are typically stained and not painted. This allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through without the use of any colors that would not have been available to the original craftsmen.

At Nick’s Building Supply, our Shaker doors are crafted with the same attention to detail as the original doors. To see our selection of these truly American doors, visit us online at You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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