How to Shop Gold Chains for Men

When a man wears a golden chain, he says something important. He wants and loves attention and notoriety. However, finding the right chain is not easy because there are many selections. Here are some helpful tips to make shopping gold chains for men easier and more affordable.


There is a big difference in the kind of gold you choose. For example, some chains are solid gold while others are only plated. Plated metals are not very durable. In fact, the plating may wear away easily. You cannot wear plated chains all the time, as perspiration may damage them. This is not the case with solid gold chains for men. A pure gold alloy is very durable and long-lasting. When you shop with a jeweler who only sells solid gold chains, you get the highest quality.

Why Are You Buying?

Do you plan to wear just the chain? Perhaps you want a pendant also. For pendants, ball type and smaller diameter chains work best. It’s easier to attach pendants to smaller chains.

10 Carat Gold

10K and 14K carat gold chains for men are very popular. In fact, they are cheaper than 20K selections. So why choose a lower percentage of gold? Lower carat levels of solid gold are harder than pure gold because they contain more alloys. Harder chains wear longer and scratch less easily. If you plan to wear your chain all the time, go with the harder gold.

White or Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is very popular. However, if you have fair skin, consider white gold. When you want a unique chain, consider rose-colored gold.

Flat or Round Chains?

Flat chains twist easier than round chains. This is a concern with long chains. However, choose the style you like best because it’s your money.

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