How To Prepare Everyone For Hand Dryer Installation

You’ve already decided which of the dryers is best for your restrooms and washing stations, and you’re about ready to purchase and install them. Hand dryer installation isn’t just about finding the right professional. It is also about getting the employees and customers ready, as well as the bathrooms and walls where they will be placed.


In most cases, your best bet is to hard-wire the hand dryer and affix it to the wall. You can choose to do this yourself, but it is usually best to hire a professional for installation. Likewise, some people are handy and can put it on the wall, using a traditional plug and outlet. However, it is much easier for the machine to get turned off or damaged with this route.

Getting It

Once the machine arrives, you are ready to have it installed. It’s time to open the box and make sure all the parts and pieces are there. You can read through the first section of the manual to determine what should be included and check to make sure it’s available. You can now contact the professional for hand dryer installation.

Transition Periods

During this time, it may be best to place a sign for customers and staff to read, letting them know that you’re switching to dryers instead of paper towels. It is a courtesy that most people would prefer. Likewise, you can also put on the flyer or sign what day it will be installed to warn them of potential delays for the restroom on that day.

The Big Day

All you really have to do is make sure the box is available for the professional and let them handle the rest. They will make sure it is installed at the proper height and ensure that it is all done properly.

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