Alerting Auto Insurance in South Austin TX When A Deer Is Hit

When a motorist hits a deer with their vehicle, they will want to take the appropriate steps after the incident occurs to ensure their vehicle gets the repair work needed. There are several tasks a driver can take when dealing with the company that handles Auto Insurance in South Austin TX.

Here are some tips in how to react following an accident where a vehicle strikes a deer on the roadway.

Call Authorities To Alert Them Of The Accident

It is best that the motorist call 911 right after hitting a deer. An ambulance can be dispatched to the scene so the driver can be evaluated for any possible injuries. The local police department will also be alerted so someone can direct traffic if needed. The medical personnel and police will be able to give the driver reports pertaining to the accident to give to their insurance company, proving the incident was caused by a deer and not another motorist.

Call The Insurance Company To Assess The Vehicle

A call to an insurance company should be made right after authorities are notified. Someone will take information pertaining to the accident and an insurance adjuster will either come to the scene to check over any damage to the vehicle, or they will schedule a time after the vehicle is in a safe location.
Take The Vehicle To A Repair Shop

When the adjuster looks over the damage, they will give the driver a price they are willing to pay for the damage. This can be given to an auto body shop or repair shop afterward. The vehicle will be fixed and the business that handled the repairs will either be paid directly by the insurance company or the motorist will pay for the repair work and be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Auto Insurance in South Austin TX is extremely important in case of an accident involving damage from hitting a deer. Call State Farm to find out more about the rates they have available or to set up a new policy if desired. Contact Patrick Court today to find out more.

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