How to Know If You Are Ready for a Utah Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

When thinking about outpatient drug rehab in Utah, it would be a good idea to consider whether or not the patient is ready to begin relapse prevention. Depending on how serious the addiction is could decide whether or not outpatient treatment would be the right choice. The next thing to consider would be whether or not the program is close to the patient’s home or work. Being close to their home support system would make their recovery that much easier. With the help of counselors and therapists involved in the program, the individual could stand a better chance of maintaining their sobriety while continuing to learn and adapt to their new lives.

The Benefits of Enrollment in a Program

There are many benefits of the outpatient drug rehab program. One of these benefits would be the schedule that this program offers as it would give them the continued treatment during the day while still giving them the opportunity to be home with their loved ones for added support. This would also be beneficial to a patient who is in school or has to work around their rehab experience, as they would only need to set aside a couple of hours a day as opposed to months at a time. Another benefit would be cost. If the patient is not able to pay the more expensive costs for inpatient rehab then outpatient would work better, as there would be no cost for room or board while they live at home. In short they would have all the benefit of an inpatient experience without giving up their job, education, or time with their families.

What Options are Available for Outpatients

There are a few different types of treatment that can be taken into consideration when choosing the outpatient drug rehab program. One type of therapy is intensive outpatient, which is only a few days a week for 2-4 hours, which can help an individual who has a job or school to schedule around. For more serious cases, partial hospitalization may be an option to ensure that their health after inpatient rehab has not taken a turn for the worst. When deciding on which option is best it would be a good idea to consider the severity of the addiction. Finally, the patient could choose therapy and counseling, which would allow the patient all the benefits of inpatient rehabilitation while still maintaining their lives outside of the program.

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