Heating Contractors in St. Petersburg, Florida Explains Importance of PMAs

Having a heater that will not produce warm air is like having a car that will not start: it isn’t any good to you. To avoid having your heater fail on you, you should practice preventative maintenance with it. Preventative maintenance will help not only extend the life of the heating unit, but save money as well. However, there are times when you will still need a heating and air conditioning contractor. There are Heating Contractors in St. Petersburg, Florida who have been providing heating and air conditioning services to the area for over 38 years. They suggest putting in a preventative maintenance agreement (PMA). The list following tells you some of things a PMA can do for you.

* A PMA will set up a plan of scheduled visits between the customer and the contractor for preventative maintenance check ups. These check ups are usually twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

* The biggest area where a customer wil save money is in the amount of money spent in energy consumption. By having the heating and the air conditioning unit serviced regularly, utility costs will stay down and potential sources of energy leaks will be detected and stopped.

* During a PMA visit, a technician will check all of the functions of the unit, inspect and lubricate where necessary, check and change air filters, maintain the blowers and look for any other outages.

* A PMA technician will clean the burners, remove soot, check for cracks in the heat exchanger, and make sure there is a proper ratio in the air-to-fuel mixture.

* With a PMA in place, the customer is sure to get priority in the case of a system failure emergency.

Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning provides preventative maintenance services for the willing customer. The contractor also installs new heating and air conditioning systems. Technicians are trained and qualified to address all the heating and air conditioning needs of customers in St. Petersburg, Florida and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for Heating Contractors in St. Petersburg, Florida to either provide repair or install new units, you can visit them at their website, http://palmharborac.com/.

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