How to Find the Perfect Cigar

Cigar is the new wine, and being seen smoking a good one at a classic bar is akin to being photographed with a glass on Napa Valley. With the surging popularity of cigars and everything it’s all about, how does one really find the perfect cigar?

It starts with the color

With cigars, the experience starts with its wrapper. In general, it’s good to remember that lighter ones give a much drier flavor profile while those that are darker are sweeter. With this in mind, it also becomes easier to choose which drink goes well with the cigar on hand, especially during cigar smoking events that are becoming more and more popular in watering holes and hotel lobbies alike.

There are many wrappers anywhere in the world but the American Market Selection is the more common one, which include: Claro (light or yellowish in color), Colorado Claro (light brown), Colorado (reddish brown), Maduro (brown to almost black), and Oscuro (black and often has an oily look).

Length and ring size (cigar diameter)

Not all cigars are created equal—some are shorter, longer, and even thicker than the others. Beginners who are already cigarette smokers usually first graduate to the Cigarillo which is 8cm and 8mm (width by height) while other more seasoned ones go for the Rothschild which is 19mm by 11cm and the Churchill (the president is known to have had quite a haul of cigars in his heyday, with as much as 3 thousand to 4 thousand in his collection as a side bit of history) is 18cm by 19 to 20mm.

The length and ring size provide a good idea as to the parameters with which cigars will be lit up in. Is it a meeting that involves several hours or simply a chance encounter? Is the cigar going to be enjoyed alone? Due to its not so affordable price, it will be such a waste to put out a half smoked cigar. Also, if being given as a gift, the length and ring size matters for serial collectors and serious smokers who already have certain accessories such as cigar cases and humidors.

Giving the right length and size will be beneficial and more relevant to the recipient if they actually fit their accessories in the first place.

Cigar shapes

There are many cigar shapes and it includes flared, tapered, and pyramid. There is also what is called a figurado, which is more irregular in shape. This figurado-shaped cigar dates back to the 19th century.

Some shapes are also patented and exclusive only to certain brands such as the chisel-shaped cigars exclusively bought from LFD or La Flore Dominicana, which is a flat cigar but has a broad edge.

At the end of the day, smoking cigars lends to the one who yields it a certain flair and reputation – because of this, it pays to have a working knowledge about which cigar is best. And from the first inhale, one will know instantly if it’s the perfect cigar on one’s lips.

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