How to create a truly engaging website

Regardless of the industry you are in, the ultimate goal of every website will be the attention of the visitor. When the competition is fierce, nothing less than a fully optimized website will have you stand out. With millions of devices to be connected to the internet through the internet of things, the challenge will not only be to create a seamless website experience for the different devices, mobile or otherwise, but creating an experience that is so engaging that it will hold the attention of the user as long as is required for conversions. Engagement requires a focus on the following;

Being Distinct

You have to stand out, create a memorable experience for the visitor. An efficient way to do this is to reduce clutter. Reduce the amount of content on a page such that the important content is highlighted and clarified. Being distinct also calls for an increase of the website white space. This will also help the audience focus on the important stuff. To be truly distinct, it is important to create a hierarchy that emphasizes the important sections and de-emphasizes the less important elements. Most importantly, have a visitor focused website. Use effects and ideas like

   *    Graphics, figures, statistics, info graphics or dates.
   *    Humor and clever words where appropriate
   *    Animations: movement draws attention

Tell a Story

This has become one of the most important elements of successful content marketing. It portrays emotion and connects to the customer on a personal level. Popular ways an expert in response web design in Denver might tell a story include;

*    Videos
*    Infographics
*    Visualizations

Call to Action

Design the conversion path in such a way that that it will not just bring more leads but the right ones. Include lots of calls to action in the website, since many users simply like to skim over websites. This will create multiple conversion opportunities for the average visitor. Have a landing page that is engaging and attractive. Include a clear, eye catching headline, a hero image or video, social proof and sharing components. Include a form that will at the very least get the name and email address of your visitor. Like us at Facebook

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