Do All Braces like Invisalign Work?

There are various methods available to treat tooth deficiencies. The following table provides an overview of common methods and their specific properties. Invisalign has many advantages, both for the patient and the practitioner as well. Invisalign treatments are performed with a series of almost invisible, removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks with a new set of aligners. Each aligner is custom-made for each patient’s teeth. By changing the individual aligners, the teeth are brought into their final position step by step, week by week. Here is some useful information about each type of orthodontics, including braces like invisalign.

Removable braces

The loose clasp is worn daily by the hour and at night. It is widely used among adolescents. The advantages start with getting treatment as early as possible. There is great success in the growth phase and oral hygiene is easy (because the braces are removable). However, this procedure is not suitable for some patients. Treatment success can be delayed if the appliance is not worn regularly. This is one of the best Braces like invisalign that people can choose from.


With Invisalign, teeth are gradually shifted into their final position with nearly invisible plastic trays, which are successively adjusted and custom-made to each patient’s teeth. Virtually invisible, they are hardly noticed, which is a huge advantage for most people. Oral hygiene is easy and users can eat what they want. This is also a reduced risk of injury compared to loose-fitting and fixed braces, and they can be worn under professional sports protection. Nonetheless, treatment success can be delayed if the patient does not wear the aligners regularly/long enough.

Fixed lingual

Brackets are on the inner side of the mouth and are glued to the teeth (lingual technique) and connected with arches. Fixed lingual braces Can be used as a remedy to correct almost all oral defects and they can be worn with other oral protective devices. However, there is issues with impaired speech and thorough cleaning is complicated. Experts also say there is a possibility of irritation. It is also recommended that people stop consuming certain foods and beverages (as directed by the dentist). Visit for more details. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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