How to Choose the Appropriate Food From the Feed store in Folsom, CA

Purchasing feed should not be just about buying the cheapest product available. Animals require the right mix of nutrients to grow, thrive and remain healthy. Investing a little extra in a quality product will pay for itself over time. Avoiding feed that is over-processed and full of fillers will make it easier to reduce vet bills and grow larger animals. A good feed store in Folsom CA should provide basic feed, as well as what exotic species may require.

Chickens are a common backyard pet that many people are raising to lower their own grocery bills. They need a diet that provides them with energy. This includes products like corn, wheat and barley. Soybean is often used for a protein, but some farmers choose to offer roasted whole soybeans because they are a high-fat option that have not had the oil extracted. Animal protein sources and sunflower, safflower or sesame oilseed meats are also used. Most pelleted foods will also contain supplements to ensure the birds are able to get the vitamins and minerals they need.

Exotic animals are another sight that is becoming more common in yards across the country. Small farms and private owners are more likely to have animals like ostriches and emus than ever before. These unique creatures need to have food that is balanced specifically for their needs.

Ostriches and Emus can look similar, but they are different creatures. The ostrich is a herbivore and the Emu an omnivore. Emus require a special type of feed known as “ratite feed” although they can eat a turkey finisher feed when they are 6 months and younger. Alfalfa pellets are high in fiber and healthy for emus. Their diets should also always include added vitamins and electrolytes. These are typically given through supplements that are added to their water during the warmer months.

OstrichesĀ are opportunistic eaters who will consume plants, seeds and even small rodents and insects they find. Alfalfa and wheat are the common basic needs for ostriches. These can be grown and given fresh, or as pellets. The Feed store in Folsom CA will also have the supplemental vitamins and minerals that should be added to their food at least once a week. Talk to the staff at the store to learn more about dietary restrictions and needs of other animals.

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