Feed Store Is A One-Stop Source For The Needs Of Pets in Folsom CA

To get down to cases, there is no better source for food and the other needs of your pet than the local feed store. Whether the pet in question is a dog or an exotic lizard, a feed and farm supply store is far more likely to have everything a pet owner needs to keep that animal healthy and happy through a long life. The reasons why should be obvious, but let’s examine them point by point.

Feed stores are locally owned, and in the case of long-established businesses of this type, are integral to the community. The owners and managers of a feed store have to supply the demand for a wide variety of customers. These people vary from the owners of pets in Folsom CA to suburban gardeners who keep chickens, and perhaps a goat or a pig, to small farmers with livestock to ranchers and horse breeders. As a result, a great deal of knowledge is amassed by the staff and ownership of a feed store to enable them to provide the right kind of supplies to their clients. This knowledge includes the needs of animals by breed and what foods will and won’t be healthy for them. They have to be able to not only provide particular blends tailored to the nutritional requirements and picky tastes of the animal in question but to also supply it in bulk.

A dedicated feed store serves animal owners by supplying other, vital items of pet and livestock care such as repellants to ward off disease-carrying insects. They also have in stock animal washes and shampoos, feeders and water troughs, bedding, pens, carriers, safety items, pet toys, harnesses, and safety fencing for the back yard. Big box retailers may have a number of these items, but not the same variety in combination with the particular feed blend a pet may require. So, for owners of Pets in Folsom CA, the feed store is a one-stop source for everything they and their animals need.

About us: Lee’s Feed has been in business since 1980, selling high-quality feed stock and animal products to customers in the Folsom area as well as El Dorado Hills and Placerville. The staff are very knowledgeable and will go to extraordinary lengths to fulfill special orders. Visit us or our website today.

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