How a Waterproofing Contractor in Washington, DC Benefits Homeowners

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Basements in Washington, D.C. homes may be selling points, but water can easily turn them into huge problems. A damp basement creates health risks, makes large amounts of storage space unusable and can affect home values.

That is why many homeowners rely on a waterproofing contractor in Washington DC. They are specialists who find and correct the source of dampness. During waterproofing, they can fix foundation issues, correct flooding sources and increase usable living space.

Waterproofing Experts Eliminate Moisture Sources

The first thing that a Waterproofing Contractor in Washington DC will do is find the reasons why a basement has moisture problems. Dampness may be caused by faulty gutters and exterior drainage. There could be leaking pipes that homeowners are unaware of. The property may have a high water table.

Some homes develop issues when they settle. Hydrostatic pressure from water building up around homes is another problem. Contractors develop custom plans to solve these and many other issues before they begin waterproofing.

Waterproofing Contractors Correct Foundation Flaws

Homeowners with foundation issues also reach out to waterproofing experts at websites like and then schedule inspections via a “Contact Us” option. Because cracked foundations are common sources of basement moisture, contractors identify and solve the problem before waterproofing. They look for tree roots that are creating cracks.

Technicians identify shifting soil that has damaged the foundation. They also note telltale signs of foundation issues, including floor or wall cracks, bowed foundation walls and misaligned molding. Professionals offer a range of solutions that include structural steel reinforcement beams, hydrostatic pressure relief systems and footer repair.

Waterproofing Projects Add Usable Space

Once contractors have corrected all problems that cause dampness, they begin waterproofing. That could involve installing sump pumps and adding dehumidifiers. They often encapsulate crawl spaces by adding vapor barriers. Their processes include mold containment and removal. When projects are complete basement spaces are clean, healthy and ready for any use that homeowners choose.

Damp basements can cause a lot of problems and waterproofing contractors have solutions for all of them. They identify all moisture sources, correct them and eliminate any mold problems. Contractors leave basements dry, healthy and ready to use as living spaces.

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