How A Disability Attorney Can Help With Your Claim

There are a great number of variables in Social Security disability cases, so much so that it is impossible to conclude how a case will be handled. Of course there are similarities, usually enough to develop an approach that a disability attorney can use in advance of a hearing.

What happens when a disability attorney is contacted?

When you first contact a disability attorney either an attorney or staff member will interview you to gather the facts as you see them. These facts, whether pertinent to the pursuit of the case or not are all the attorney has to decide if your case has merit and whether or not he or she will accept the case.

As a disability attorney is obliged to take a case on contingency he or she wants to make sure that there is a good chance of success. If the lawyer sees the case as borderline you may be asked for a few more pertinent details to help decide. The attorney, based on experience may conclude the case as one having a low chance of success and decline.

Developing the medical evidence:

One primary responsibility of the attorney is to build a case based on medical evidence and to do this the attending doctors and hospital will be contacted and copies of all medical records will be gathered.

In many cases the SSA will set forth specific examinations that the applicant needs to take to support the claim, it is the attorneys task to review all past medical records to determine if you have to undergo additional tests or whether the tests you have taken to date are adequate.

Getting ready for the hearing:

As the hearing is the only time you can actually talk to someone associated with Social Security the importance of preparation cannot be emphasized enough.

It is extremely important that you are well prepared to answer a great number of questions that may be thrown at your during the hearing. Once your attorney has finished reviewing your case and determined what issues need to be addressed, you will be briefed on what questions you can expect to be asked by the administrative law judge. Your attorney will ask you a number of questions about yourself, your disability, what treatments have been tried, what medications you have been taking, etc. Your disability attorney will impress upon you the importance of answering every question honestly and to best of your ability. The results of the hearing are often positive when you are well prepared and your benefits will soon be forthcoming.

As the chances of being granted Social Security disability benefits are not good you should consider hiring a seasoned disability attorney to improve your chances. Contact Davis-Morris Law Firm for more details.

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