Considerations When Building A New Garage

A garage is a great space, not only for a car but for storage as well as the pursuit of a hobby such as woodworking. Recently many people have used a garage as the basis for a “man cave”, a space dedicated to the man of the house and his pastimes such as watching sports and playing cards with his buddies. If you have enough space on your property having a Chicago garage builder construct a garage can add significantly to the resale value of your home.

Things to consider:

Before you get too far with your planning the first thing you must do is check to see it is legal to build in the first place. If you are demolishing an old garage and replacing it then odds are you will not have a problem but it is important that either you or the Chicago garage builder you hire check to see if there are steps that need to be taken to get approval for construction or demolition of the existing building.

If it is a new garage where one never existed before consider having the property surveyed to ensure that the new garage is not too close to the property line or existing easements for water, sewers, etc. Your plans will also have to be approved prior to issuing the building permit.

Who should you hire?

Whenever you are about to undertake any major home improvement project you will want to be sure of the contractors that you have asked to offer a proposal. With a project as large as building a new garage you will want to ask for at least three bids and you will only want these bids from licensed contractors. A licensed Chicago garage builder will be able to get the necessary permits and will be intimate with the local building codes.

Planning tips:

When you are going to build a new garage there are a few bits of advice that will make the job better and easier:

* You can plan and design anytime but plan the building for the right time of the year. In areas with freezing winters either early spring or early fall are the best times to build.

* If you are planning to stay in your home for years think of the future when planning the garage; anticipate storage and future usage.

* Make sure the new garage matches the design features of the exterior of your home a closely as possible.

Take time to discuss your thinking with a professional Chicago garage builder, they will have ideas that you might never have considered.

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